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I've always loved growing fruits, vegetables and salad produce at home. We don't have much space, only a small garden and allotment, but I like to grow as much as possible all year round. In the UK there is only really a short period of time that many plants will grow successfully and when you purchase seeds often the packets have very specific months as to when you should sow and harvest them. I've recently been on a mission to test growing some plants out of season, or at least growing them at different times to those specified on the seed packets. 

My theory is that due to climate change and the ever changing weather we are experiencing here in the UK we might be able to change up the sowing, planting and harvesting time of some plants. I'll be sowing seeds in different ways, some indoors and some outdoors. Some in seed trays and some directly into the ground. I'll be documenting my journey here on my blog, on my Tiktok and on my Youtube channel too. 

There will be some plants of course that I cannot change the sowing and growing times of, such as many of my perennial plants which work to a timescale of their own. My raspberry plants for example do their own thing, they flower and grow berries as and when it suits them. It seems like I'm harvesting them slightly earlier each year depending on the weather so they themselves are changing their growing patterns. 

Plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergine, courgette, lettuce and beetroot though I can try and grow in various seasons and weather conditions. It will be an interesting experiment to see what I can grow in the garden, at the allotment and in the greenhouse out of season. I'm looking forward to seeing what works and what doesn't. 

If you have been growing produce out of season in recent years and have been documenting your progress please do add your links to anything online here in the comments so I can take a look. 


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