Heating your home with only a wood burner | Urban Homestead UK


Check out our beautifully stacked woodshed. All this wood has been given to us, we didn't spend a penny on this, it is all offcuts of wood that we've cut to size and stored in our little woodshed. 

We live in a maisonette, a flat above our shop, it has no central heating or night storage. No heating of any kind other than our open fireplace in the living room (and a couple of plug in electric blankets for if we really struggle) so come winter we rely fully on access to wood for the fire. So far, in the last 8 years of living here we've not once had to purchase any wood to fuel the fire we've always been able to find free offcuts that we've collected, cut and stored to use. 

We currently have an open fire but have been reading recently about the negatives of open fires on health and we are saving up in the hope that we will be able to afford to have a wood stove put in soon. 

There are pros and cons for both open fires and stoves, I recently wrote an article on this which you can read here. 


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