My first Homesteading Vlog is live now over on YouTube


I've filmed and put together my first ever 'Homestead Vlog' a little video that shares the sorts of things I get up to before and afterwork as an urban homesteader.

- Check out those homegrown tomatoes in the picture above, these are our first big ones, we've had a great harvest of cherry ones up to now too. - 

This video was filmed on Thursday 18th August 2022 and features dehydrating tomatoes, making pizza pockets, roasting veg, making jam and my husband baking a cake. 

I've love to know what you think of this style of video, whether it is something you are interested in watching or whether you prefer more specific content focusing on one subject e,g, jam making or pickling. 

I'm also keen to know whether you prefer voice overs or are happy with just a musical background. I don't always get chance to find a quiet spot in the house to record voiceovers so often i end up just putting the videos out with music though i worry they don't feel as personal? Let me know your thoughts. 

Please remember to subscribe to the channel, like any videos you found interesting and comment if you have time. It all helps to get the channel seen more and hopefully it will grow. 


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