Reduce waste and make something yummy at the same time | Carrot Top Pesto


When growing carrots at home you will often find they they end up imperfect, by that I simply mean that they do not look like the manicured ones you often find in shops. Unless of course you are a pro gardener and have nailed the perfect compost to allow them to grow perfectly straight. 

Carrots that don't look pretty are still perfectly edible, and not just the orange part, the tops are yummy too. My favourite way to use carrot tops is to make Carrot Top Pesto. I make mine without cheese, only because I usually use it with cheese for example in a cheese and pesto toasted sandwich. 

I don't use a traditional recipe when making this pesto, in fact it is mostly made up but inspired by recipes I've read over the years. I also don't use pine nuts which are the nuts you would usually find in pesto. Instead to keep the pesto low cost I use cheap peanuts. I like the pesto crunchy so you'll notice mine isn't as smooth as it could be. Homemade pesto is not shelf stable so I make a batch to go in the fridge then and extra batches i make i freeze until i need it. When in use i store it in the fridge. 

I've put together a short video which shows you how I use imperfect carrots and also making carrot top pesto.

You can watch the video below or Click Here to be taken directly to YouTube 


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