Tomato Jam Recipe | Homemade Tomato Jam using homegrown cherry tomatoes


I made my first ever tomato jam recently and my word, it is delicious! Though called a jam I have been using it as a chutney with cheese and bread for lunch. It makes a great ketchup substitute for the family too, as it is sweet enough to satisfy the kids. I've left ours chunky with the veg but you could blend it smooth. 

This Tomato Jam is a great way to use up any glut of tomatoes you may have homegrown. I used cherry tomatoes as we have plenty of those to spare but you could use any type of tomato. When using larger tomatoes most people like to take the skins off first, personally we don't mind the skins and so haven't yet bothered in any of our recipes though this might change in the future depending on the type of tomatoes we use as the skins can be different on different varieties. 

If you'd like to see how our Tomato Jam is made check out this video here: 

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The recipe I use is in the image below. I often adapt the recipes I find in books or online to suit our tastes and then type them up like this so I don't forget them once tried, tested and approved by the family. 

When i make the first batch of any new jam, chutney or sauce I always make a half size batch by cutting the ingredients amounts in half. That way we wouldn't be wasting too much of our produce if we don't like it. Once I know that we like it I can make future batches with the listed amounts. 

Have you made Tomato Jam before? 


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