Urban Homestead Vlog 19/08/22

I've put together another Urban Homestead Life Vlog over on my YouTube channel. I'm really enjoying making these and hopefully you are enjoying watching them. 

This vlog feature chutney making, cake eating, garden harvesting and more. 

If you have any questions or there are specific things you'd like us to feature in a Vlog or dedicated video please let me know. 

I love to watch other homesteaders and families with small holdings on YouTube, I find it inspirational and helpful to learn about things I may not have thought of. Obviously we don't have a smallholding yet but it is something we really hope to get one day. In the meantime, on our channel, I'm sharing a glimpse into our life as urban homesteaders. 

You can watch the Vlog below of CLICK HERE to be taken to the YouTube channel. If you find it interesting please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe to the channel too. 



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