We finally got some rain! | Living in the South West, UK | Urban Homestead Life


This year the UK has suffered from not only extreme heat but also a drought. Where we are in the South West, Seaton in Devon, we went weeks without any rain at all. The plants really struggled and even though we collect as much rainwater as possible it just wasn't enough to last the length of time that went on with no rainfall. 

Thankfully we've now had some rain and the waterbuts are full again. I'm not sure how long it will be now until the next rainfall but I'm thankful we've at least had some. As soon as the water but was half full I decantered the water into our extra storage containers so that when it rained again the waterbut could refill. The drought and the length of time we went without rainfall reinforced just how important it is to have rainwater collecting and storing systems in place for even tiny gardens. I had using our mains water to water the garden as it feels like such a waste of treated water. 

If you are just starting out with gardening and wondering what essentials to buy I would say water collecting and storage equipment should be top of the list. I don't have room for large water buts but i've managed to squeeze in two slimline ones in our small outside space. One connected to the conservatory and one to the house guttering. 

You can watch my video chatting about the rain and other things urban homestead related below or by clicking here to be taken to our YouTube channel.  


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