A glimpse into our week as urban homesteaders


If you've been following this blog, my insta or YouTube channel for long you will know that recently we started to Vlog (video document) our lives as urban homesteaders. We are learning as much as we can about how to grow, cook and preserve our own food as well as other skills that might be useful when we eventually find a smallholding for our family. So we thought it might be fun to show you as we go, sharing with you our progress. 

We hope you find watching the videos interesting, please do let us know if there are other areas of our homesteading life you'd like to know about. 

I've now uploaded the vlog sharing a glimpse into our week as urban homesteaders. You'll be able to see the sorts of things we get up to as we learn to grow, cook and preserve our own food among other things. This vlog shows the last week in August. The summer holidays is coming to an end. The children will soon be returning to school and Autumn will soon be upon us. 

You can watch below or click here to be taken directly to YouTube. 

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