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Bread is a staple in our house, as it likely is in many family homes. We use it often and usually have a loaf, whether that be from the shop or homemade, on the go. Sometimes a few pieces would go dry before we'd get to use them and it would always bug me that they'd go to waste. I hate to waste food and I'm always look for ways to preserve things rather than chucking them out. 

I was reading a book and came across the idea of using dry / stale bread to make croutons at home, I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of doing that before. We'd used the dry bread to make breadcrumbs before but we don't really use breadcrumbs much in our cooking so it didn't seem worth the effort. Croutons however seemed like a great idea, we knew we liked them and that they could be used with soup. 

Homemade croutons have now become a family favourite and we eat them not just with soup but also as a snack instead of crisps. We change up the flavours by adding different seasonings and herbs, we love using garlic flakes, they make really tasty croutons. My son absolutely loves them, he always looks forward to me making them. I think he secretly hopes we have leftover bread going dry in the bread bin so that we can make some. 

Once baked and cooled we store these in an airtight container and they can last in there for around two weeks, though they rarely last that long in our household as so many of us enjoy eating them. 

You can watch how I make homemade croutons here on my YouTube channel. 

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