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My kids love dried fruit and fruit leather too. There was a time that I would purchase fruit winders for them before I realised how easy it was to make them at home using homegrown apples. The other great thing about making fruit leather at home is that you can control the sugar content and experiment with different fruits to see which you like best. 

Just 3 large apples and a table spoon of sugar made a little box full of fruit leather winders, these make great treats for the kids school lunch boxes. They are a great alternative to sweets too when you fancy a sweet snack. 

I first made these using the traditional method of cooking them in a pan on the hob, tipping them into a blender, blending until smooth and then decanting onto silicone mats and dehydrating in the over on a low temperature. However I figured out a much more affordable and hassle free way which is what I show you in the video below.  

I use my soup maker and either my oven or my dehydrator to make fruit leathers.

You can watch how I make these fruit leather winders in the video below or CLICK HERE to be taken to YouTube where you can watch it on full screen. This first video features the soup maker and oven method, I will add the soup maker and silicone mats in my dehydrator method below too so you can see both ways.  

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This second video will take you to the soup maker and dehydrator method I use. CLICK HERE if you'd like to be taken to YouTube to watch this. 

If you are wondering where I got the silicone mats CLICK HERE I was unable to get silicone mats for my dehydrator that fit so I purchase these and cut them down slightly, as you can see in the video. They now fit and work perfectly. 

CLICK HERE to see the rectangular dehydrator I use, I also own a round one you'll see in other videos. 

CLICK HERE to see the soup maker I use, this is one of my favourite devices in the kitchen, especially in autumn and winter. 


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