Dehydrating apples | Preserving the harvest


Dehydrating apple slices is something we do every time we have apples now, both my sons love to have dehydrated fruit in their school lunches boxes. We often get gifted apples from friends and family with apples trees and so we dehydrate them in a variety of ways in order to preserve them for use throughout the year. This particular batch we peeled and sliced. Sometimes we simply core and slice into rings, leaving the skins on. Each different way we dehydrate them ends up with them having a different texture. 

On apples that are clean and undamaged I sometimes peel the skins off and dehydrate them separately, once dry I then blitz them into a powder. The apple powder is great for baking and for mixing into porridge, It adds a real intense flavour that really adds to whatever it is I'm baking. 

I used to store my dehydrated goods in glass jars, however the cost of those jars is quite high so i opted instead to get some food safe plastic ones in a variety of sizes. The plastic jars don't look quite as good as the glass ones but they do just as good a job and are much more budget friendly. 


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