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I've been quite brave recently and experimenting with bread recipes that I can use in my bread maker. We love the taste of fresh bread but never buy it in shops due to the high cost. Making it at home for us in the only way we can enjoy fresh bread and bread of different flavours. I've been researching different recipes and taking notes on a variety of savoury and sweet bread flavours that I think my family will enjoy and have been testing a few different ones out. 

One of the recent savoury bread flavours we tried was tomato and garlic. It turned out wonderful and we all enjoyed it. The great thing about home baked savory bread is that if we get to the end slice and find it has gone dry by the time we get to it, we can just tear it up, toss it in olive oil and herbs and pop it in the oven. A little while later we have croutons that will last a further week and which we can enjoy with soups or salads. 

The recipe I used for the bread you can see above is detailed below. 

Mrs Betty's Tomato & Garlic Bread Recipe

340g Strong White Bread Flour
5g Instant dried yeast 
7g Sugar
7g Salt
20g Butter
1 egg
200ml Warm water 
75g - 125g dried tomatoes (we use the cherry variety and like to have lots. In the photo above is just 75g however we chose to use more in future bakes, use less if not to your taste) 
1 tbs garlic flakes 

I used my bread maker on setting one, which is for soft bread, I made a 750g loaf size with a light crust. 

Pictured below you can see the dehydrated cherry tomatoes that I used in our bread recipe, these are the ones we grew and dehydrated ourselves this summer. I'm so glad we did this and I'm planning ahead for next year looking at ways in which we can increase the amount of tomato plants we grow in order to harvest and preserve more next year. 

I really want to learn how to make sourdough bread, i attempted making a sour dough starter from scratch earlier in the year but i think i failed. I need to do a lot more research before attempting again i think. 



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