Honeyboat Squash | Growing squash at our tiny allotment

This was my first year growing this variety of squash 'Honeyboat'. I've grown many squash over the years but i only recently came across this type. 

I sowed i think 6 or 8 seeds but only got 3 plants, i planted the 3 plants that did ok but on 2 of those grew on. From those two plants i ended up with 4 squash before the plant died back. Now it is important to note this year has been a strange one with the weather, extreme conditions. We had a long period of drought and heat followed by sudden large amounts of rain. Not only that by my allotment patch doesn't have very quality soil. I need to feed it manure this year because I've noticed it is struggling to produce the quality of crops it once did. 

As you can see here i grew the squash trailing vertically up an old pallet with wire mesh attached. I usually grow squash vertically to save on ground space. 

Though I didn't get many squash and the ones I did get were very small, I was happy to get any at all. I have eaten one so far and it was delicious. 

I roasted it in the oven and then made it into soup, I only added some seasoning it didn't need anything more to enhance its flavour. I roasted the squash whole, with the seeds and the added it to the soup maker. Thinking back on it I probably should have done a little research to make sure eating squash seeds is safe! (I have since researched and eating squash seeds is perfectly safe) 

I'll certainly be trying these again next year, hopefully with more success after treating the soil to some much needed nutrients. 



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