Preserving a super size squash | Homestead Life


My father in law recently gifted us a portion of a super sized monster squash that he grew on his allotment. Apparently this is just a very small piece of the squash which took two people to lift. I did ask if he had taken a picture so that i could share it but unfortunately he didn't take a photo. It took me a moment to think of the best way to preserve such a large amount of squash. Usually when I harvest squash I simply leave them on the side in the kitchen and they will last like that for months. This time obviously with these pieces being fresh cuts if left as their were they would just rot. 

I decided to attack one piece at a time. The first piece I spend around an hour cutting and peeling the skin off then dicing it into cubes. I got two bags full of cubed squash which are now in the freezer ready to take out when needed and a portion that went straight into the soup maker so that I could make a squash soup for lunch. The squash soup was delicious, all I added was seasoning and a veggie stock cube. 

The second piece I decided to roast whole, now I know that sounds scary as it would take a long time and waste a lot of electricity (which at the current costs seems like a made idea) however I put it in when the oven needed to go on anyway to cook tea. It roasted down and I then portioned it into containers, one is now in the fridge ready to put in the soup maker this week and the rest is in the freezer. I will take it out the next time I want mashed squash (which I use in replacement of potato mash or mixed in with potato mash) 

I think in future if i was gifted any more i would probably just peel and cube the lot to freeze it as the cubed squash i realise is more versatile, i have the option to use it in more dishes whereas the roasted squash now in its mushy consistency can only be used in a couple of ways. At least I know for the future. 


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