Scones with apple jam | Homestead Life


Homemade scones are one of our favourite things. We enjoy both sweet and savory scones, a particular favourite being a spicy cheese savory scone which we serve with tomato jam. 

Plain scones are something I like to make a batch of now and then, especially when we have an open jar of jam in the house. We recently made a batch of apple jam and so we made some scones to test it with. I'm pleased to say the apple jam turned out delicious and served on scones made a nice change for breakfast. 

I recently read that you could make large batches of scones and freeze them then take them out as and when you need them. Apparently they take only a couple of hours to defrost and then they are ready to use. This isn't something I've tried yet but I certainly will. 

You will find the recipe I used to make the apple jam here. 

Do you make scones? Do you have any unusual or favourite scone recipes? 


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