Squash curry soup with cheese scones | Homestead Life


I recently made a soup combining some leftover lentil curry with a roasted honeyboat squash. It was an experiment but one that turned out pretty good. I can honestly say that my soup maker is one of the best kitchen gadgets i own. This time of year, Autumn and Winter, it gets used a lot. I rarely use recipes with my soup maker, most often i just pop in a combination of left over veg or handfuls of homegrown and pre-chopped veg from the freezer. 

There is just something wonderful about a bowl of warn soup on a chilly afternoon that makes you feel cosy and comforts you. Especially homemade soup, homemade soup can't be beaten in my opinion. 

I served my soup with a cheese scone and tomato chutney, my husband opted for bread and butter. We both like a good sprinkling of pepper on our soup. 

This is what it looked like before it got whizzed up in the soup maker, not looking very appetizing there. As you can see i put the whole roasted squash in, seeds and all. I did top this up with water to ensure that it didn't end up too thick and sloppy. 

(Don't worry, we remembered to take off the squash top before turning on the soup maker) 


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