Using leftover apple & sultana bread to make bread and butter pudding | Frugal Living Tips


I recently shared my recipe for Apple, Sultana and Cinnamon bread here on my blog, if you haven't read that already you can click here to see it. It is recipe I created to use in my bread maker which we all enjoy. 

When we got towards the end of the loaf, about the the last two slices we noticed that it was dry and not as soft as it was when first baked. This was a few days later so was fully expected. We avoid waste at all costs in this house and rather than toast the bread or eat it dry and not enjoy it we decided to try something a little different. 

We had a little custard leftover from when we had apple and blackberry pie so we decided to use it with the bread to make a sort of bread and butter pudding. We tore the bread into small pieces, covered it in the leftover custard and popped it into the microwave for around 45 seconds. When taking it out we gave it a good mix and then served. 

It was delicious, it made a really lovely desert and avoided any food waste. 

If you like us find that by the time you get to the end of your fruity loaf of bread it has gone dry i highly recommend giving this a go. 

With rising costs in all areas of life right now it is more important than ever to look at ways to avoid food waste and use every scrap of what you have to feed you family. I'll be sharing over the coming weeks and months information on the different ways we keep our weekly food bills as low as possible feeding daily our family of 4 and at weekends an additional 3 (total of 7 people) As all our children are older now they eat the same portion sizes as adults so the meals we plan and make must serve either 4 adults on weekdays or 7 adults on weekends. 

I'll be sharing as much info as i can here on the blog but also here on the YouTube channel. Please do subscribe to the channel if you are interested in anything homestead, growing, cooking and preserving related as it really helps.  


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