What we eat in a week | Day 2 - Creamy mushroom and tarragon pie with vegetables and mashed potatoes

What we eat in a week
Day 2 - Tuesday 18th October 
Creamy mushroom and tarragon pie with vegetables and mashed potatoes. 

Tuesday was a pretty lazy meal and it was something new for us too. My husband picked us these Creamy mushroom and tarragon pies from Lidl for us to try. 

I spent ages trying to find a link to these pies online but i cannot for the life of me find them online to link to. I can't even find a picture to them on google which is really rather odd. I really hope i still have the receipt so that i can note the price down. 

We used a frozen vegetable mix and some frozen broccoli and then boiled and mashed some potatoes. The reason we often use frozen vegetables instead of fresh (which we mostly use if we have grown it ourselves) is because frozen vegetables in most cases works out cheaper to buy. Some of us had gravy whilst the others didn't. This meal did require the use of both the hob and the oven but it was well worth it, we really enjoyed it and it didn't take much effort at all. My youngest son did find the mushroom flavours of the pie a little intense for his taste but the rest of us thought they were delicious, certainly something we'd consider getting again for an easy meal.

Items we used to make this meal:

1/2 bag of Potatoes | 51p
1 pie each (details above) | 3.98
+ seasonings and herbs (grown and dried by us) 

Total cost of the meal £5.79
Total cost per person £1.45

Please remember all costs are approximate calculations and correct at the time of writing this blog post. Costs are rising almost daily and so these figures may not be fully reliable. 



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