What we eat in a week | Day 3 - Spaghetti Bolognaise

What we eat in a week - Day 3 
Spaghetti Bolognaise 

This is one of my favourite things to have for an evening meal, we all enjoy it though some of us like spaghetti and some prefer pasta so I do end up cooking both to keep everyone happy. It is important to me that we enjoy the food we have. 

To make this dish I vary the base sauce depending on the vegetables we have available at any given time. This week we had a premade base sauce leftover from Monday (you can read about that here) this makes things quick to make and reduces the cost of the meal. 

I began by frying up the mince and mushrooms, I would normal do onions at this point too but because I had onion in the base sauce I didn't add any extra this time. 

Once cooked i added the tomato base sauce leftover from Monday that i had stored in the fridge. I use a large wok when i fry the mince and mushrooms which means i can just add the sauce mix straight in. I added some extra herbs and seasoning at this point too. I then let it simmer whilst i cooked the pasta.  

I came across a post on social media recently that recommended cooking garlic bread, from frozen, in the air fryer as a way to save money. Using the oven costs more than the air fryer as it costs more to run it and would take longer, which in turn hikes the cost higher. Usually we have to heat the oven a little first and then it takes around 15mins to cook a frozen garlic bread, so around 20-25mins of the oven being on. It took 6mins to cook this frozen garlic bread in the air fryer at 170c I was really impressed and will remember this trick for the future. 

Items i used in this dish: 

Garlic Bread  | 32p 

Total cost of meal £3.11
Total cost per person £78p 

Please note these costs are approximate and correct at time of writing. Costs are rising rapidly so this may have changed depending when you read this post. 



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