What we eat in a week | Day 4 - Chicken Curry, Rice & homemade naan


Homemade flour and yogurt naan bread is amazing, how have i only just learnt about these. I cannot believe i've not come across this recipe until now, it is fantastic. I had no idea that i could make tasty naan bread quickly and easily at home with only two core ingredients and then flavorings to suit. 

To make the dough i used 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of low fat natural yogurt. I then seasoned with salt and pepper and added a spoon of garlic flakes. I kneaded into a dough, split into four and cooked in a frying pan. They turned out fantastic and we all really enjoyed them. I'll be making these again and will try them with different herbs too. I don't think I'll ever buy naan again now I've learnt this. 

The naan i got so excited about was made to go with a slow cooker curry we made, it all turned out delicious and everyone was happy. 

To make this meal I used: 

1 jar of mild curry sauce 'Asda essentials range'  | 28p 
(To get the curry to the consistency we like I use the empty jar to measure our two jars full of water to go into the slow cooker. This makes the sauce go further for us) 
2 onions | 10p
1/3 bag of rice | 16p 
+ salt & pepper 

- to make the naan - 
2 cups of self raising flour | 10p 
1 cup of low fat natural yogurt | 15p 
1 tbs garlic flakes | 10p 

The above was used to make 4 servings 

Total cost of the meal 2.98
Total cost per person 75p 
+ salt & pepper 

I can honestly say that we all really loved this meal, it may seen strange to use only 2 chicken breasts to serve 4 people but it is plenty when cooked in the slow cooker and we bulk it out with the split peas and the vegetables. The reason we add the stock cube is to intensify the falvour that may otherwise become wishy washy with the water i add, it saves adding another jar of curry sauce. 


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