What we eat in a week | Day 5 - Fakeaway Chicken burger, Pops & salad

Friday night, after what felt like a really long week, called for a 'Fakeaway' essentially a really easy meal that required no effort, similar to having a takeaway but without the high cost. Just taking items out the freezer and putting them in the oven. Not healthy but affordable. 

Items I used: 

Potato Pops | 72p 
White Roll | 16p (for 2) 
Southern Fried Chicken Burger | 1.38p (for 2) 
Cheese slices | 10p 
Spicy Chutney (used as a sauce in burger roll) | Homemade & homegrown ingredients 
Lettuce | 15p 
Cucumber | 14p 
Pepper | 20p 
Radish | Homegrown 
Tomato | Homegrown 

Total cost of this meal 2.85 
This meal was for 2 people, total cost per person 1.38 


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