January in the English courtyard garden & making friends with the birds

 January in the English courtyard garden 

I always find myself lacking motivation to do anything in the garden or at the allotment in the cold winter months. If I had a large garden with more space or the homestead with animals that I dream of one day having then maybe I'd find myself more inclined to go out in the garden in all weathers to get it looking top form all year round. In fact I wouldn't have a choice if i had animals, I'd have a real reason to stay in gear all year round. 

Even though the courtyard is only small it still gets very messy over the winter months and it takes a while to start springing back to life. Once the cold passes and the sun starts shining there are many perennials dotted around the garden that start to appear, adding splashes of colour here and there. I think it's the sight of colour that begins to give me the motivation I need to get back to gardening. Seeing the sprigs of green sprouting up and the little buds appearing amongst all the dullness of twigs and soil is enough to draw me in. 

Saying that I did decided to spend some time in the garden recently, giving it a tidy up and preparing the beds for spring. I filmed some of this process and have uploaded it to my channel, you can watch it here:  

Towards the end of the video you'll get to see the beautiful little robin friend I made who I think rather approved of my time spent moving the courtyard around. 


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