Bee or Wasp? How do you tell the difference?


In my little studio there is an ottoman that was passed down to me when my Nanna passed away, It's my favorite place to sit and look out at my little courtyard garden. When sitting there the other day i saw a bee or wasp, i'm not sure which, but the first one i've seen this year. 

It was happily enjoying the flowers I placed directly outside my window, i think i sat there watching it for around 15mins as it buzzed about. There is something calming about watching bugs and birds, it's one of the silly little things i enjoy doing. 

I feel like i'm really behind this year with planting and sowing seeds. Even the seeds i've sown this year are not as far along as i'd like. I spoke to a few fellow gardeners who mentioned that this could be due to the elongated cold weather we've been having here in the UK. 

I'd love to know if this was a bee or a wasp, if you have any idea let me know in the comments. 


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