Urban Homestead Life in the UK | How to be an urban homesteader in the UK

When we use the term 'Urban Homestead' it can sometimes be confusing as to what we mean. If you want to find out what I mean when I say Urban Homestead take a look at this post where i explain the term in more detail. 

As a homesteader I'm trying to learn as much as possible about how to become more self sufficient, how to grow my own food and preserve it, how to reduce our family spending, how to reduce our energy consumption and be as eco friendly as we can. 

We are still very much on a learning journey as homesteaders, there is so much more I'd like us to be doing in the future but everything takes time, research , testing and trailing. 

This year we are attempting to grow as much food as we possibly can to feed ourselves, we are doing this with only a small garden that has no ground growing space only containers and a half size allotment plot. 

With growing our own food comes the task of learning how to cook and preserve it to make the most of it. Here in the UK we have very unpredictable weather which can make growing some varieties of food difficult. It also means that that are particular times of year that are best for growing certain foods so learning to adapt to seasonal produce it a top tip for anyone who wants to live a more homestead style life. If you want to use out of season produce in your cooking learn different methods of preservation so that you'll have those foods year round. 

One of the things I'm really enjoying is making my own herbal teas, I won't need to buy herbal tea bags anymore as I'm now able to use fresh leaves during the warmer months and dried leaves that I've harvested and preserved in the cooler ones. This is just one of the small changes we have recently made. 

So how can you become an Urban homesteader? 
There are no set rules or regulations you need to follow to consider yourself a homesteader, there are just some things like I've mentioned here, that suggest you could be. To be an Urban homestead is simply to do those things in an urban environment. 

So really it is about learning to use what you have in your urban environment whether than be a small garden, a window sill, a balcony or if you are lucky a big garden to grow you own food and use it. 


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