Chocolate Courgette Cake | Using up a courgette glut

If you have an excess of courgettes from this years harvest then I have the PERFECT recipe for you. In the UK we call the courgettes, in some countries they are known as Zuchinni, whatever you call them they are fantastic and can be used in many different ways. If you want to read about some other ways you can use courgettes take a look here at this blog post.  

This chocolate courgette cake is now a family favourite, it is super soft and tasty. We eat it just as it is though it could be served with ice cream, custard or a chocolate frosting could be added to the top. My kids didn't believe that courgette cake would be nice, they were really worried about how it would turn out but as soon as they tried it they fell in love with it and now beg for me to make it whenever we harvest courgettes. 

My recipe for courgette cake has been slightly adapted from those I have found online. Once we worked out the perfect recipe for us we noted it down and have added it to our family file. The image below shows the recipe sheet. 


The cake, being very moist, needs to be stored in an air tight container and must be eaten within 3 - 6 days. In hot weather, like we are having in the UK right now, I would recommend storing it in the fridge just to be safe. 

I've not yet tried freezing the cake to see if it would preserve well in that way and still be edible when defrosted. I'm going to do a little more research on that and then maybe give it a go. 

If you'd like to see more videos featuring chocolate courgette cake head over to my YouTube channel where you'll find videos featuring the cake. 

Tomatoes & Tulips YouTube channel
You can also watch the cake being made in the video link below. 


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