Top 10 ways of using and preserving Courgette / Zucchini

In the UK we call them courgettes, in America they are called Zucchini. They come in a variety of colours and shapes too, the less known pepo courgette is round and very tasty. Most courgettes are easy to grow and prolific croppers. Just one courgette plan can provide a family with a harvest to last a good few months. We though grow 5 or 6 courgette plants a year so that we can harvest enough to use and preserve for the year ahead until the time for planting the next seasons plants comes around. 

Here are our favourite ways to use and preserve courgettes. There are many more ways we like to use them, this is just our family 'Top 10 ways' 

Courgette Chutney

Pickled Courgette

Frozen Courgette

Chocolate Courgette Cake 

Courgette Chips (Dehydrated Courgette) 

Courgetti (Courgette Noodles) 

Crispy Courgette

Roasted Vegetables 

Courgette Soup 

Bulking up meals with courgettes 

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Top Tip
Traditional courgettes, both green and yellow, are perfect for dehydrating. Slice them into thin coin shapes and use your dehydrator to turn them into courgette crisps. (add seasoning to taste) 

Top Tip
Give round courgettes a go, they taste fantastic and are very easy to care for. 

Top Tip
When using courgette in cake recipes grating it is best. 


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