Garden Tour and Micro Harvest | 13th August 2022

Can you spot the little birdie in the photo above? 

I've been working on my video editing skills recently and have put together my first edited video for my YouTube channel 'Tomatoes and Tulips' where I will be documenting my Urban Homestead life. I'll be sharing the ups and downs of  urban homestead life, garden tours, allotment harvests, home cooking, preserving and the progress we are making on saving towards buying a small-holding. 

I recently came across a property with land that would be PERFECT for us, it is the sort of space I dream of one day owning, just a few acres and a moderately sized house. The only problem is it is out of our price range, even if we sold the property we live in and our family business. It's hard knowing that what we want exists, close by too, but is priced so highly that we may never earn enough to buy it or anything similar. We work hard and live frugally with the hopes that one day we'll be able to move to somewhere we can turn into a smallholding. 

Blogging and now Vlogging on the YouTube channel are two extra things I'm working on that I hope will help us save towards getting a small-holding. Anything we earn from the advertising here on the blog or (hopefully soon if I can get enough subscribers) the YouTube channel, will be put into our savings account where we put every spare penny. We don't go on holidays, nights out or eat out. We don't buy expensive clothes or have many luxuries in life. We have chosen instead to live on a tight budget in the hopes that we can work and save towards our goal rural property. It may be that we never get there, if we don't at least our children, when they get to our age, will be one step closer than we are to living a more self sufficient and rural life. 

In the meantime I'm trying to do the best I can for our family with what we have and that is why I treat the home like an urban homestead. You can read more about this lifestyle here on the blog. 

Check out the video above or click here to be taken to YouTube

Please subscribe to the channel to help us, thank you! 


Anonymous said…
Good luck with your journey.

Have you looked at ELF rent to buy land. They currently have some plots available.

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