What we eat in a week | Week 1 round up

What we eat in a week - Week 1 round up 

The first week of my new blog and vlog series 'What we eat in a week' has come to an end and the vlog is now live, you can watch it below or CLICK HERE to be taken to YouTube. 

I've linked below the various meals we've had so you can take a closer look at them if you are interesting in what we used to make them and the costs. 

Obviously this only takes into account the evening meals we've had together, this doesn't count the breakfasts, lunches, snacks or puddings we might have through the week. 

Day 1 - Tomato & Bean Cassolette with fish, salad and hasselback potatoes  | 4.56 

Day 7 - Salad, herby potatoes & spicy pork wraps 

I do feel that we had a week of very easy meals this week, we were a little too lazy and could have cooked more from scratch but everyone was happy and that is just as important. In terms of health I'm aware they are not all healthy options but we try to balance out what we eat through the day as best we can. I'm currently working on my health and fitness and logging my calorie intake into a new app call 'MyPlate' so in future I may look to add the calories to the dishes, if I can get them properly worked out. I wouldn't say we eat unhealthily but I wouldn't say it is particularly healthy either. 

The week ahead is going to be a little different to our usually routine as it is half term for my children and so there will likely be a meal out involved when we go out for the afternoon. 


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